Delta Munchies is a cumulative number of award winning brands that have been in the cannabis space for over 15 years. We thrive on the opportunity to push the industry forward by merging the rebellious, uplifting, and free-spirited nature of cannabis culture into a fun and approachable brand that bridges the gap between novices and connoisseurs alike.

Based out of Los Angeles, CA, our free-thinking vision has long been that cannabis should be loved and enjoyed by everyone. With increased legality and accessibility in terms of cannabis science and research, we found ourselves falling head first into the extraordinary world of new and rare cannabinoids.

Somewhere down the line we began to see a void in the industry for reliable, transparent, and trusted cannabis products. Because of that, Delta Munchies was created. As a brand, we seek to educate and inform our consumers about the quality and safety protocols that go into the cultivation, production, and manufacturing of our products. By using third-party full panel DEA-certified lab tests, we seek to ensure that our audience enjoys the cleanest and most potent delta-8 on the market. We say this with modesty but also with a firm belief that quality and safety are the most critical responsibilities for a healthy and successful brand.

Delta Munchies was created to see our vision of cannabis inclusivity come to fruition with zero compromises in product quality, integrity, and creativity.


Here at Delta Munchies, we put incredible dedication and care into our products because we have a profound love and appreciation for the cannabis plant as a whole. The reason we’re so devoted to quality cannabis exploration is that we find ourselves constantly in awe of everything the cannabis plant has to offer. We want to share that love of cannabis with our customers, which is why we believe it’s so important to be completely transparent in our lab testing, production, and manufacturing processes. We truly believe we’re the best in the business and we’re ready to prove it at every step.


We’ve spent the majority of our 15 years of experience in the cannabis industry cultivating long-lasting relationships with our partners, which means our products are sourced from places you can trust.


Care, attention, and detail are put into every aspect of our products. Call us perfectionists, but there’s no such thing as “good enough” here at Delta Munchies. We settle for nothing less than the best and have a library of full panel third-party lab tests to prove it.

The only thing we love as much as cannabis is our customers, which is why our team from the corporate offices to the warehouses do everything they can to make sure you’re receiving the highest-quality products on the market.